To override this challenge, the concept of Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) comes to play. As the name implies, while FTTH brings Fiber Optic Technology to the home, FTTP brings it to the premises. Indeed, the evolution in web technology is quite a quick one.

FTTP brings Fiber Optics technology to a particular locality and is considerably less costly when compared to FFTH. There is no denying therefore that FTTH is transforming internet communication and it is fast becoming commonplace.

FTTH improves internet speed facilitating communication and socialization between people. With the surge in number of people who work from home, the reliable high speed internet provided by the FTTH technology becomes highly sought after.

Perks Of Using Liteblue USPS Services

Liteblue is the web portal made to help easy accessing of USPS employees. With the advancement in technology, assignment of jobs, introducing job offers, conveying bonuses and salary insights are made online. The same thing is done by Liteblue website. It helps in providing easy access o with the employees. The organization is huge and has employees for almost every area in the nation. USPS is a big organization in the United States and it is very difficult to handle each employee’s history. The liteblue website acts as an integrated communication system between the employer and employees.

Things you should know about these services

Huge revenue: The revenue and turn-over of the organization is around 1.4 trillion USD as of 2016.

Mailing systems: Various standards of mailing systems are available in USPS Liteblue as first class mail which is about 27.3 million USD and standard mail which is about 18 million USD.

Employee numbers: As a whole, there are 705 million employees working under this organization. They can be broadly classified as
1. Career employees: 500,000
2. Non-career employees: 150,000

Attention to disabled: Special attention is provided to services for elderly people and physically challenged people. Depending on the emergency, the services are carried out. If the post notifies any kind of accident or medically related message, the action is taken immediately to deliver the mail at the earliest. They will not care whether the mail was first class mail or a standard mail.

No tax: It is the only organization that does not collect any tax. It builds the service from revenues of charging for couriers and stamps.

Affordable and very cheap: It is the cheapest form of the mailing system. You can send letters to anyone who lives in any state, any city, any location, and any countrymen. They just charge 49 cents and extra cost for stamps used.

Fast delivery: In case of emergency if you wish to send the courier to people of other states within the United States, you can go for Priority Mail Express Service. Under this mailing system, the courier or mail will reach the recipient in 24 hours.

Easy access: Liteblue mobile application is available for Android and Apple users. People tend to access the mailing service faster and keep tracking whether their goods reached or not easily.

Features of USPS services

The USPS services help in managing the employees, services and keep the details of all the employees in an organized manner. Specific project details to the specific employee are done by the employer very easily by means of this web portal. Mail orders and job offers are accessible to every employee of the organization. The important feature of this web portal is the automatic scheduling. The shipment processing and mail dropping to exact destinations can be scheduled. This brings more transparency and efficiency to the system.

Liteblue USPS is a very important web portal that every employee should gain access and enjoy their services. With their mobile application, everything can be accessed by means of a few touch and fingers.