To override this challenge, the concept of Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) comes to play. As the name implies, while FTTH brings Fiber Optic Technology to the home, FTTP brings it to the premises. Indeed, the evolution in web technology is quite a quick one.

FTTP brings Fiber Optics technology to a particular locality and is considerably less costly when compared to FFTH. There is no denying therefore that FTTH is transforming internet communication and it is fast becoming commonplace.

FTTH improves internet speed facilitating communication and socialization between people. With the surge in number of people who work from home, the reliable high speed internet provided by the FTTH technology becomes highly sought after.

Showbox’s Popularity Rises Despite Questionable Content Acquisition

Showbox is an android only video streaming application, that has created a terrifying buzz among free video and music content streaming platform market. The app has a suave user interface, with contents ranging from latest releases to classics archive. The services don’t need user subscriptions to start and just needs to be installed on your devices. So, once it’s on your device, you can start watching an unlimited set of movies, TV shows etc., in high resolution without any lag.

Speaking of installation, the apk file is not available on Google Play Store, per say, but when you search for it there, you will find an absolute number of duplicate apps. So, it’s advisable to get the apk file from either Showbox's own website, or Showbox's recommended sites. There are also certain hacks available to play Showbox on desktops using Windows emulators like Bluestacks.

However, several people have complained about issues during installation as well as during the app playing. Apps stop working while playing movies, or hangs when downloading one. The major crease on the forehead, should rather come from the factor that the apk installation files don’t go through various malware and virus testing of Google Play Store. Though Google Play Store doesn’t guarantee a malware free app, but has certain standards to be met for app installation files to be showcased on it. Unfortunately, Showbox doesn’t go through all those testing. Who knows if it carries malware, that once installed, can access information stored on our devices.


Download Showbox App to Stream or Download free Movies and TV Shows on your Device:

The issue of free or pirated content also comes into play. If certain content is free on ShowBox, which is watch-when-you-pay content on other branded streaming platforms, you start questioning the authenticity of Showbox. If those are pirated and illegally obtained content, then you are as much to blame as the app company. It has been less heard that viewers are legally sued if caught watching pirated content, but legal authorities do regularise content distributors for these acts. To avoid these problems, viewers tend to utilize VPN services to watch, but nonetheless, it poses certain risks when you are consuming illegally provided content. Though, Showbox being a non-P2P source streaming service, it already provides a layer of anonymity.

Undeniably, there is a popularity rise, since Showbox has been included in set-top boxes or dongle services like Amazon Fire Stick etc. Showbox's latest update on feature is the inclusion of free music streaming. The collection of music and the inbuilt music player is quite hip and puts a new feather on its cap. That again pops the question of the network from which they are drilling those rich content. But, it seems many popular sites and businesses understand the growing customer base of Showbox, hence they are putting adverts on the apps. Be it ad banner display, or short ad video playing in between content, Showbox Apk is definitely earning good moolah with their business operation. With certain tweaks in ShwoBox’s application features, they will be a tough competition for other streaming applications.