To override this challenge, the concept of Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) comes to play. As the name implies, while FTTH brings Fiber Optic Technology to the home, FTTP brings it to the premises. Indeed, the evolution in web technology is quite a quick one.

FTTP brings Fiber Optics technology to a particular locality and is considerably less costly when compared to FFTH. There is no denying therefore that FTTH is transforming internet communication and it is fast becoming commonplace.

FTTH improves internet speed facilitating communication and socialization between people. With the surge in number of people who work from home, the reliable high speed internet provided by the FTTH technology becomes highly sought after.

Temple Run APK Download Latest V1.6.2 For Android and iPhone

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Temple Run game has even scored a hit with Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite App and has been given star ratings by the users. Not only for Android users, Temple Run is played even on iPhone also. Owing to the rising popularity of this game, apk version has been unleashed by the developers to make it widespread and smooth for playing. Temple run starts with a person running speedily to save him from a monster. The movement of the person is very fast and a slight miss leads to his death. So the gamers need to play with nimble fingers but apk tool has indeed enhanced the scope for better gaming.

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Showbox’s Popularity Rises Despite Questionable Content Acquisition


Showbox is an android only video streaming application, that has created a terrifying buzz among free video and music content streaming platform market. The app has a suave user interface, with contents ranging from latest releases to classics archive. The services don’t need user subscriptions to start and just needs to be installed on your devices. So, once it’s on your device, you can start watching an unlimited set of movies, TV shows etc., in high resolution without any lag.

Speaking of installation, the apk file is not available on Google Play Store, per say, but when you search for it there, you will find an absolute number of duplicate apps. So, it’s advisable to get the apk file from either Showbox's own website, or Showbox's recommended sites. There are also certain hacks available to play Showbox on desktops using Windows emulators like Bluestacks.

However, several people have complained about issues during installation as well as during the app playing. Apps stop working while playing movies, or hangs when downloading one. The major crease on the forehead, should rather come from the factor that the apk installation files don’t go through various malware and virus testing of Google Play Store. Though Google Play Store doesn’t guarantee a malware free app, but has certain standards to be met for app installation files to be showcased on it. Unfortunately, Showbox doesn’t go through all those testing. Who knows if it carries malware, that once installed, can access information stored on our devices...Read More




There is an increasing demand for fast data transmission. This demand has led to an upsurge in popularity of Fiber Optics as a medium of data transmission which is considerably faster than other conventional methods. This enhanced data transmission speed data of Fiber Optics is due to the fact that the technology utilizes light instead of electricity. For homes, data transmission through Fiber Optics is made possible through Fiber To The Home commonly known by its abbreviation FTTH. Through FTTH, homes can enjoy the enhanced data and communication technology that Fiber Optics offer.


In fact, many experts are of the view that FTTH cables are on the verge of replacing the conventional copper cables as far as data transmission is concerned. Apart from the FTTH cables, there are other elements that comprise FTTH. One element is the FTTH drop cable, which is more popularly called the indoor cable. The instrumentation cables and cable glands are other elements of FTTH. More and more households now desire FTTH because of its ability to deliver high speed broadband.



The following are some of the advantages of FTTH-


1. High Speed Internet: This is perhaps, the prominent advantage of FTTH. It is the most decisive reason why most households choose the technology. High speed internet is in enormous demand. This is more so that internet communication has become a necessity for daily living around the world. To make internet calls, video calls, download files, play internet games or stream videos, high speed internet is crucial.


2. Technology Improvement: FTTH marks a huge improvement on technology from the conventional copper cables. Copper cables transmit data using analog lines that generate signals through connected telephone devices. Compared with Fiber Optic, it is clear that the copper technology is less defined.


3. Upcoming applications: Technology evolves daily and new applications are released from time to time. Some of these new applications come up for FTTH. By having FTTH therefore, homes are guaranteed to keep abreast with the latest technology has to offer.


4. Vendors: A fourth advantage of FTTH is the ease with which to find vendors. Time, stress and expense are therefore limited by choosing FTTH technology. There is only one catch though. This disadvantage of FTTH is that it is costly. Acquiring FTTH cable as well as the installation is sure to rattle the finances for the average homeowner. This huge cost is sure to discourage many otherwise desiring homes from acquiring and installing the technology.


Technology is in a state of flux. It evolves and improves continually. The web as a technology is no different.


Although, there is some argument with respect to its evolution and versions, the generally acceptable stages of the evolution are:


1. Web 1.0


2. Web 2.0


3. Web 3.0


In this article, we will differentiate among these three versions


Web 1.0: Web 1.0 is the pre-1999 era of web technology commonly called the “read-only” era. In this flat-data phase, data on the web is for reading only. The interaction between the website and the user is limited and there was no communication between the user and the web. The internet user’s experience was limited to only reading the information contained on the website. The web was more or less an information portal where the user reads information but cannot respond. This era that saw a drastic burgeoning of millions of static websites in the dot com boom.


Web 2.0: This is the era in which the web moved from been “read-only” to “writable”. Web 2.0 is a response to the absence of interactivity in Web 1.0. Web 2.0, which is dated from the year 1999, is about making the web interactive. This marked the birth of the interactive web where web user can not only read but also write and publish on the web. Applications or programs such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube were birthed in this web era.


Web 2.0: While web 1.0 is the “readable” era and web 2.0 is the “writable” era, web 3.0 is dubbed the “executable” era. It seemed we got everything we wanted about interactivity in web 2.0. But we needed more. We needed our web to be intelligent. Web 3.0 is about making getting web applications to be dynamic, web services to be interactive and for machines to interact with themselves. Web 3.0 is all about building an intelligent web for the future. Attributes to be incorporated into web 3.0 include contextual search, tailor made search, personalized search, evolution of 3D web and deductive reasoning. Web 3.0 is a work in progress and the research is still ongoing to develop the intelligent web.

However, great strides have been made in this regard and a testimony is Tivo, a digital video recorder that can search the web and read what it finds based on preferences. For example, Google search algorithms can now more intelligently identify synonyms of words searched such that pictures and photos are treated as same.

Web 2.0 is all about empowering the user to get involved, interact, collaborate and share while on the web. The intelligent web will differentiate a search for GM as a crop technology from GM as a motor company. New concepts that came up for such interaction include blog, social media and video streaming.